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Do you throw up when you get high?

There is no stats on throwing up when you are high,It may be an acid reflux problem! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ara Reply:

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  2. Lan Reply:

    Then I just threw up in the street, and again when I got home. After They said it was probably because I didn’t eat enough (I do have a certain blood pressure if you smoked too much, that may have been what caused it. last week i just got some . And honestly, I havent been high enough to lose control.

  3. Jann Reply:

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  4. Linnea Reply:

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  5. Courtney Reply:

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  6. Verlene Reply:

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  7. Kati Reply:

    Sounds more mechanical! Diary this carefully and then get a referral to an gastroenterology specialist!

  8. Hassie Reply:

    yes you can get high from methadone, its used to treat other opiod addictions 30mg of methadone you would certainly get high, probably vomit and feel most

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