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Can stress cause acne?

Stress does not cause acne! But, acne may be a side effect of some medicines used to treat stress or depression! No need to fear, ‘s here! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Hollie Reply:

    Scientists have found that high levels of stress can cause an increase in breakouts due to This will in turn help your body fight off infections that lead to acne. 3 Source:

  2. Meryl Reply:

    Yes, that’s is one of the main reasons that adults have acne. When you are stressed out it messes with your hormones. Abnormal hormones can cause acne, weight gain, changes in blood pressure and many more thing’s. For more information, look

  3. Elke Reply:

    Different situations can cause stress like a loss of a job, marriage or children problems, and a sickness. You should try your best to not stres out as much and seek counsel if you are very stressed out. Source:

  4. Latrina Reply:

    some of the things stress can casue or hair los, depression, heart problems just to name a few. So relax or take a walk and walk off that stress! Source:

  5. Sharyn Reply:

    Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Eat balanced meals while avoiding greasy junk food and soda. Take long walks every day to ease any tension you may be feeling. These are all ways in which you can decrease internal str… Source:

  6. Shamika Reply:

    Is it true that my scalp acne could be a result of stress, since i am under lot of stress right now?

  7. Arielle Reply:

    Different emotions can release different hormones and chemicals into the body, therefore having a physical reaction! Even when we cry, a chemical in the brain that can make us mad/sad is expelled from our body via the tears!

  8. Kerry Reply:

    Answer: Improve. Actually the question is more appropriately styled. Can stress cause acne or does acne cause stress. I happen to be a believer in the former.

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