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Does lemon juice help get rid of acne scars?

For dark acne scars use lemon juice! Before applying, clean the scars with warm water & dab 1 tsp of lemon juice into a cotton ball & apply it on the scars, leave it for 10-15 minutes! Cucumber or honey with lemon juice also helps! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lindy Reply:

    For only pennies a day, you can make your own acne-clearing solution Lemons can help problem skin. . How to Get Rid of Scars With Lemon Juice Source:

  2. Joycelyn Reply:

    Yes , it does like the person before me said, a sugar and lj scrub works well, but you should only do it about twice a week. Also you can try a lj and honey face mask, mix approx half a lemons worth of lj and a tablespoon of honey, leave it

  3. Librada Reply:

    With more acne medications hitting the market, some people have begun paying exuberant amounts of money to treat their acne. Some medications cost hundreds of dollars per month, so these treatments can be out of many people’s price range. F… Source:

  4. Danika Reply:

    Prep your face by removing any traces of makeup and wash it with a Vitamin E soap make sure all natural. Put baking powder or baking soda all over your effected acne scar area and Keep the mask on for about 30 to 40 min while it break down … Source:

  5. Felice Reply:

    The human body has the ability to accomplish many things in order to stay healthy, but sometimes it is impossible to match skin tissue when it is altered. Scars can appear when the body is not able to perfectly match the connecting tissue a… Source:

  6. Geri Reply:

    I have like 3 mini indentations

  7. Augustine Reply:

    Sorry, but using lemon juice to heal acne scars will not help it will however help to clear up acne if you use it properly, First wash your face with very hot water to open your pores, then apply fresh squeezed lemon juice to affected area this will act as an astringent and close your pores and heal any white and black heads you have! Do not remove until the next time you wash your face! This is good to do before you go to bed at night, so you can wash it off in the morning before leaving the house!

  8. Portia Reply:

    Does lemon juice get rid of acne scars? No, but take toothpaste and put it in were u want it and leave it for thirty minutes then wash. Does lemon juice help to get

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