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Does Pro Active work for acne scars?

Yes, but so will any well formulated BHA salicylic acid or an AHA alpha hydroxy acid product! Also, Mederma works well on scars that have a lot of color, it fades them out, but does nothing for pitting! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carley Reply:

    There are many affordable treatments on the market that can help with acne and Washes containing benzoyl peroxide include Proactive Solutions, Clearasil Source:

  2. Neda Reply:

    No, unfortunately Proactiv Solution will not help with existing scars. Our best recommendation for treating existing acne scars is to see your dermatologist. forming, it is important to take some proactive measures to gain control of your acne.

  3. Kala Reply:

    Clean 2x daily w/5% benzoyl peroxide (BP) wash. Apply a gel or cream w/5% BP. Put a spot cream w/sulfur on zits. Moisturize! Source:

  4. Marlene Reply:

    I use pro active. Then I use "Healthy Skin" face lotion by "Neutrogena". It has an spf of 15 , smooths and evens out skin. Love my skin! I always get compliments by everyone. Source:

  5. Pam Reply:

    Purchase the ProActiv system online or over the phone. Be wary, the company will try to sign you up for "regular shipments" if you’re not careful. Make sure to try the product before opting to receive regular shipments of the product. Wash … Source:

  6. Natashia Reply:

    How can I work with my acne scars without interfering with my pro-active? Any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Like, what can I do to make them better? Neosporin/polysporin? Ar

  7. Annamarie Reply:

    i dont know how old you are but some brands of birth control pills help with acne, but unfortunately not the scars! My grandmothers advice also works: changing your pillowcase as often as you can because of the oils you leave on it over and over again!

  8. Arielle Reply:

    Your question deosnt make sense, but I will try to answer it anyway. Proactive casued me to have scars all over my face. It was the worst experience ever.

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