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Does tanning help acne?

Tanning will only temporarily cover up the redness of acne but will not get rid of it! Thank you for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Celestina Reply:

    Having acne can be a painful and distressing condition. It can Some changes in your washing routine with some acne cream could help, but consult a If you have acne, you might think it's a good idea to use tanning to hide the red spots. Source:

  2. Stacia Reply:

    when your constantly in the sun the sun dries up all the naural oils in your skin which your body is making due to extra hormones – . This will eventually dry out your skin and age it – the best way to get rid of the acne is to eat plenty f

  3. Peggie Reply:

    Acne treatments can be time consuming, but in the end, they tend to be worthwhile if applied properly. Wash your hair regularly, as any germs can be spread from your head to your pillow as you sleep. Since people often spend the night tossi… Source:

  4. Doretha Reply:

    Try the typical skin acne regime. Wash face and apply a topical benzoyl peroxide product like Zapzit, Clearsil or Persagel. Follow with a non comedogenic moisturizer. Avoid using harsh cleansers which can dry out the skin making acne worse…. Source:

  5. Jovan Reply:

    If you have acne, you might think it’s a good idea to use tanning to hide the red spots. However, this is not necessarily a safe method of camouflaging acne. Dr. Lawrence E. Gibson of the Mayo Clinic says UV radiation from the sun’s rays an… Source:

  6. Alessandra Reply:

    dose a tanning bed or sun tanning HELP with acne and acne scareing?

  7. Debby Reply:

    YES! it makes it so less noticeable!(i dono what everyone below me is talking about!!! they are WRONG!)Thats half the reason why i go tanning (plus for the great color!) Anyways, some people claim that it reduces acne; like on your face and back especially! Im not sure if thats all true, but since youre getting darker your acne will be less noticable since acne is usually red or pink!I know this works because i personally have really bad acne! Mostly on my back! But tanning helps cover it!Also, to get dark faster use the lotions that they sell at the salon! They are expensive, but they work GREAT!

  8. Spring Reply:

    Does tanning help heal scars? no, it makes them worse. Will tanning in a tanning bed help acne? Yeah, but only special tanning beds. They have them at the

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