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How can I get rid of body acne?

Washing your skin well is the best way to prevent body acne, also consult your doctor for a strong prescription to help! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. September Reply:

    To get rid of back acne scars, use a clarifying body spray, exfoliate the body with an acne body wash and use a post-acne lightening gel to gently lighten the Source:

  2. Lissette Reply:

    Washing your skin well is the best way to prevent body acne, also consult your doctor for a strong prescription to help.

  3. Rebecka Reply:

    Getting rid of acne can seem like an impossible task. Taking a close look at your diet and eliminating greasy foods can help you get rid of acne. Source:

  4. Jessika Reply:

    Clean the effected areas two times a day with a mild pH balanced soap or a body acne cleanser. Be sure the cleanser is free of unnecessary perfumes or chemicals so it won’t irritate your skin. Scrubbing too hard can actually make body acne … Source:

  5. Chantelle Reply:

    There are hundreds of acne products on the market geared toward skin problems on your face, but body acne still seems to be a taboo subject. Having body acne can be just as devastating as pimples on your face. Makeup can hide some issues, b… Source:

  6. Nila Reply:

    I have body acne and am rid of acne) but I want to change on erythromycin ( an antibiotic that helps get.? To minomycin ( minocycline), Should I go straight onto this other ac

  7. Annamaria Reply:

    you have ever suffered from acne throughout your life, then you’ve most probably heard more than once that what you eat affects your condition! Although acne is influenced by hormones, bacteria, hygiene, and tons of other things, your daily diet still plays an important role in the prevention or cure of body acne!But even though many dermatologists and health experts agree that your diet is connected to your acne condition, many others do not agree with this point of view! Some even propose that what you eat has absolutely nothing with your condition!Recent studies have shown that although there might not be a direct link between what you eat and acne, they have portrayed how eating certain kinds of foods causes extra insulin production along with an increase in your hormones, the main cause of acne as agreed upon by experts! The main reason for this is that the more hormones you have, the more oil your skin will secrete which eventually leads to more bacteria and so on!With that said, it is still a good idea for you to control your diet (and learn how to lose weight if you’re a bit on the heavy side) and try to notice any effects (whether positive or negative) as a result! What might work for some people won’t necessarily work for you, but as a general rule it is a good idea to cut down on the amount of sugar intake, spices, soda, chicken, and dairy products, as these are some of the most common culprits that contribute to body acne!Just keep in mind that although your diet might have something to do with your acne condition, it is still important to continue using other acne remedies and products to make sure you’ve got everything covered and to achieve best results! The more you try, the more you’re likely to succeed!

  8. Kristal Reply:

    More in Dermatology · How to Treat Back Acne. 0:41 minutes. How to Get Rid of Body Pimples. 0:39 minutes. Are Spots on Different Parts of The Body Caused.

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