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How do i get rid of my back, chest and butt acne?

For milder versions of back or body acne a topical 10 percent benzoyl peroxide cream or gel may suffice! away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Arla Reply:

    But pimples can occur at any age on the chest, back, upper arms, neck, and even the buttocks. Pimples that occur on the buttocks can be very painful, because Source:

  2. Viki Reply:

    Besides the face, acne commonly occurs on the back, chest, neck, New York City, NY writes: "I had bad acne on my outer thighs and butt.

  3. Yasuko Reply:

    To get rid of chest acne you can use some over the counter medicated pads for acne removal. You can also use an unscented soap and keep the area dry. I like to put baby powder on my chest after showering to keep the oils away! Source:

  4. Elsa Reply:

    While in the shower, lather up a dime to quarter size amount of H&S shampoo and rub it in desired area Let sit for 30 seconds to a minute Wash off with water & pat dry Source:

  5. Jann Reply:

    Acne is a condition that millions of Americans suffer from everyday. It appears in several areas of the body, the face, neck, back and even your chest. Sometimes the most difficult to treat is the chest and the back and these areas can ofte… Source:

  6. Georgann Reply:

    how do you get rid of with daily home products? I am going to Central to go to a doctor America – Belize, and well I am embarrassed back acne and chest acne and ask them about

  7. Darline Reply:

    My dermatologist gave me a book she got off the internet! She told me to do as the book said!So me and my girlfriends did it together and started school 8 days later w/great looking skin!Give it a look; www!acnetreatmentscamsrevealed!comPeace, love and clear ski!!Sl

  8. Shellie Reply:

    How do you get rid of back and chest and butt acne? My acne is moderate and this product actually minimized my pores and removed them overnight! I know it

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