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How do you get rid of bumps on your skin?

It really depends on what the bumps on your skin are being caused by as to how you can get rid of them! If it is acne you need to keep the area cleaned! Dry skin bumps you need to keep the area cleaned and moisturized! Thanks! On! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Belen Reply:

    If you have razor bumps in your pubic area, you can get rid of them. the blade isn't sharp, it will pull on the hair, irritating your skin and leading to razor bumps. Source:

  2. Angeline Reply:

    It could be in grown hairs and they are not ready to be popped or you have a skin condition and you should see a doctor..

  3. Epifania Reply:

    Learn how to get rid of, or at least reduce, those unsightly bumps and redness on your arms! This is a simple everyday process that can help reduce and even eliminate keratosis pilaris. Source:

  4. Evangeline Reply:

    How to get rid of bumps is a difficult question without knowing where they are and what kind of bumps. If you mean the small bumps we can get on our legs or arms, a good scrubber in the shower can help a great deal. You want to exfoliate th… Source:

  5. Elva Reply:

    Red, itchy bumps can be caused by a number of irritants such as bug bites, chiggers and even stress. It is important to find the cause of the red, itchy bumps in order to identify and rid your environment of any skin irritants. Otherwise, t… Source:

  6. Gearldine Reply:

    My daugher has fine bumps on her skin – upper arms and thighs they, but not real noticable but are slightly red in color when you rub her skin you can feel them.They do not

  7. Anitra Reply:

    try exfoliating them! dont scrub too hard though as it might irritate them! i have bumps on my arms as well and i tried exfoliating a couple weeks ago! so far, its gotten a lot better but theyre not completely gone yet! im going to keep trying!

  8. Ingeborg Reply:

    The bumps that appear on your skin are a direct result of ingrown hairs. As with all things, the sooner in the process you start trying to get rid of your face,

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