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How do you make blemishes go away?

Blemishes or Acne should have three basic steps: unclog pores, kill bacteria, and minimize oil! Playing with or popping pimples, no matter how careful and clean you are, nearly always makes bumps stay redder and bumpier longer! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Christin Reply:

    Try one or all of these model's trick' s to get rid of them fast. Be patient, your blemish will go away more quickly the less you mess with it. If it has been opened Source:

  2. Hiroko Reply:

    Anything w/ salicylic acid or glycolic acid is awesome for your skin. Exuviance by Neostrata has an excellent line of products to help clear skin. So does Aveda, Murad & Philosophy. Use a mild cleanser like Cetaphil, Aveda’s gel cleanser or

  3. Mayra Reply:

    The most common way to make a headache go away is to take a pain reliever of some sort (tylenol, motrin, advil) according to what the bottle says. Having someone massage your hands can also help. Source:

  4. Margrett Reply:

    Lemon is the best thing available in our kitchen to reduce the marks and blemishes from the skin. Apply directly. Source:

  5. Jacalyn Reply:

    There are a wide variety of tried and tested home remedies that can treat pimples in an effective manner. Some popularly MORE? Source:

  6. Neomi Reply:

    Why do my zits always leave blemishes? How can I prevent getting pimple it leaves a dark blemishes after a zit? Whenever I clear up a blemish on my skin. How can I prevent thi

  7. Margarete Reply:

    One word my friend!!!Roaccutane!I have had bad acne for many many years and trust me it was a real pain for me!!!i hated it terribly!I have been on MANY products such as proactiv(which when you finsih using it brings out the pimples worst), neatrogena,clearasil, ambi and many more!None of them worked for me beause when i finished using the proactiv which was a waste of my momey the pimples came back out soooooo much worst than it was in the beginning!I went to my dermatologist last month and he introduced me to Roaccutane! I decided to use it, and i am NOT dissapointed at all with the excellent results that I have!I have been using it for a month so far and within the first 2 days i had seenresults!!the pimples were disappearing(thats what we all want right??)I am still usingit because I have to complete my year!The best part of it is that it is a tablet that you take! Its not a soap or a toner or a 4-5 step procedure that gets on your nerve!!just one little tablet!Its easy and stress free and best of all!!!Brings results!You willl not be dissapointed if you try this product!This product is only available through perscription by a dermatologist!Use it and see for yourself!=]Tisi treatment last for about 7 years after you finish your course with it!

  8. Letha Reply:

    How do you make pimples go away? como te amas de lammas de badef. How do you make a pimple go away? Ohkkay, that was all wrong. chocolate, if its your

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