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What is a good lotion for getting rid of scars? What is a good lotion for getting rid of scars?

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  1. Luz Reply:

    Getting rid of cold score scars involves natural products, over-the-counter creams and, These creams and lotions are useful in lightening dark scars. According to the Mayo Clinic, glycolic acid and kojic acid are also good bleaching Source:

  2. Sparkle Reply:

    Stretch Mark Removal Cream To Remove Stretch Marks Permanently. Some have even visited Mayo clinic, to effectively heal the appearance of skin scars. If you are really serious about getting rid of stretch marks, it’s probably best to use

  3. Meta Reply:

    Something that has always been used in an attempt to get rid of scares is cocoa butter. Using pure cocoa butter helps to reduce and fade the appearance of scars. It might not completely fade the scar away but it will help fade the abnormal … Source:

  4. Reagan Reply:

    There are several ways to deal with scars. The best way is to never get them, of course! But in the event you do have one, you could massage it with baking soda and water, apply vitamin E oil to a brand new scar, use over-the-counter or pro… Source:

  5. Thea Reply:

    Cocoa butter has been known to reduce scars. If you could tell us what type of scars you are referring to, for example, acne scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, or other types, we would be able to help you better. Cha on! Source:

  6. Toni Reply:

    does any one know a good lotion or something that can lotion or someway to get i scratched and they are rid of scars? i had bug bites that now scars. does anyone know a good m

  7. Iliana Reply:

    well please try harder before you get procedures! Please do NOT get a treatment such as acne scar laser removal! I had that done to me and it went wrong! I now have MUCH more than i began with! I wish i read the reviews on it, they are awful and surgeons are only after your money! trust me, no mater how nice they are, they just want money and will ie and say the srugery works but it DOESNT! chemical peels work but not for long! Try natural products! Google an organic vitamin or natural store near you! There is a store about twenty minutes from me that carries natural products such as pills for when you are sick because i do not believe in drugs and such for simple things! I tried a NATURAL oil and it worked great for me! they faded some of the scars the laser gave me! also when i had acne, i found the natural bar soap was what helped heal my acne muc faster than any store bought item, even the expensive ones such as Murad! I suggest looking for natural oils! i love the natural emu oil :) please try natural/organic products before you do somethinga s rash as lasers!

  8. Doris Reply:

    Opinions on Getting Rid of Stretch Marks. What you Food and lotions with Vitamin E — and possible Vitamin A — are always good for scars. Exercise helps.

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