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Can babies be born an addict to drugs?

H! According to a recent federal government report estimated that in the United States each year some 320,000 babies are born exposed to alcohol and illicit drugs while in the uterus; a far larger number have been exposed, in utero to sedatives and nicotine! ON! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carola Reply:

    The signs and symptoms of a drug-addicted baby can vary individually, Many babies born addicted to drugs go on to struggle with behavior issues once they Source:

  2. Yu Reply:

    A baby may be is born addicted to crack. Withdrawal symptoms can persist for up to 4 months. Other problems can last even longer.

  3. Moira Reply:

    The mother and baby are attached through the placenta and anything the mother puts into her stomach or blood stream is directed through the baby…for norishment, antibodies, and other essentials for growth. This includes drugs. Babies in-u… Source:

  4. Cira Reply:

    Currently there is only one state, South Carolina, that holds prenatal substance abuse as a criminal act of child abuse and MORE? Source:

  5. Sarina Reply:

    Babies can’t be addicted to drugs. DUH!!! Source:

  6. Shaunte Reply:

    Using drugs without being an addict a drug user and a? Hi, i would like to here on a regular basis and from people who use drugs are not addicted. I can proudly say im respons

  7. Lindsy Reply:

    i have a friend that adopted a baby addicted to heroin!!!she actually took the baby home the day after he was born!!!he had the shakes and some crying spells for about three months, but he is doing well now!!!everything i have read suggests that babies born with an addiction to most drugs end up developmentally on target without side effects!!!also, personally, if i were you and i adopted the baby, i would get a soft baby carrier so as to develop the strongest attachment as possible to the baby, as it is likely that the mother was not attached to the baby while pregnant and that can cause problems later!!!babies like the warmth and to feel the steady rhythm of your heart etc!!!it would probably be really soothing for the baby who is already faced with issues!!!i hope you choose to adopt the baby!!!you sound thoughtful

  8. Karie Reply:

    Can a baby be born addicted to heroin? It all depends if the mother has been addicted during pregnancy. Answer Yes. Heroin is a physically addictive drug

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