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Can rubbing alcohol kill you?

It can break down into is acetone in your body, essentially you are drinking a poison! If drank enough, it could kill someone! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Giselle Reply:

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  2. Angelina Reply:

    Rubbing alcoholis Isopropyl alcohol, which is very toxic and potentially deadly. Consuming rubbing alcohol can result in blindness.

  3. Velia Reply:

    Rubbing alcohol is also known as isopropyl alcohol. Alcohols are neither acids nor bases, so they do not have a pH value. Some people report that the pH is 7, but this is considered inaccurate. Source:

  4. Alesha Reply:

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  5. Sarina Reply:

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  6. Marta Reply:

    How would rubbing alcohol kill a to kill himself by drinking like 5 years ago tried person? I know a guy who bottles of rubbing alcohol. How/why would that kill you? Isn’t i

  7. Etsuko Reply:

    youll be fine, just call the PCC (poison control center)!

  8. Candy Reply:

    Rubbing alcohol is not wood alcohol, or methanol (which makes you blind at 10mL and As said before, it can kill you or cause heavy liver damage. dont do it !

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