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Can you drink alcohol and take birth control?

Yes! Alcohol does not decrease the effect of the birth control pills! Use 1-800-2 for unlimited questions! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sharilyn Reply:

    You can get pregnant after you stop taking birth control pills. While birth control pills are a Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, Source:

  2. Hisako Reply:

    Alcohol does not decrease the effect of the birth control pills. You can drink and not decrease the effectiveness of your pill.

  3. Angelyn Reply:

    Drinking yes, in moderation. Smoking while on birth control has been shown to lead to heart problems. Source:

  4. Mari Reply:

    Answer im pretty sure your not supposed to drink achohaul with pills.. check the back of the container Source:

  5. Lesa Reply:

    Nothing unusual. The reminder pills are like placebo sugar pills. There are no hormones in them and they are specifically there to help you remember. Source:

  6. Shizuko Reply:

    Can you drink alcohol the second? I just started birth control day you start birth control today and I’m having a party tomorrow? Is that a bad thing to drink alcohol tomorrow

  7. Charmaine Reply:

    ehhh?? i havent tried that but i dont reccommend it :)

  8. Nobuko Reply:

    Can you drink alcohol while taking birth control? Improve. In: Birth Control Pill, Medication and Alcohol Interactions categories]

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