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Can you drink alcohol if you have type one diabetes?

Having diabetes does not prevent the consumption of alcoholic drinks, but there are some considerations: – Alcohol can!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Arletta Reply:

    For those afflicted with type 1 diabetes, the diagnosis usually occurs early in adult life or childhood. Those afflicted sugar mixers. If you drink beer, stick with light beers that are lower in carbohydrates. Avoid medications that contain alcohol. Source:

  2. Katerine Reply:

    Learn about alcohol and practicing caution when taking diabetes medication that Take the test to find out your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Beyond all the health and safety concerns about alcohol, if you have diabetes and are on diabetes So, you should not drink when your blood glucose is low or when your

  3. Magdalen Reply:

    Well, diabetics can have almost anything, but they need to plan for it in order to control blood sugar. Generally, they watch the consumption of carbohydrates throughout the day. The drink mix would also be counted. Source:

  4. Nubia Reply:

    People with diabetes can drink, but they must be careful. Even small amounts of alcohol can effect blood sugar levels. Certain types of alcohol are especially problematic. Source:

  5. Paulina Reply:

    if you are diabetic you have to make sure you do not drink to much alcohol ask a doctor if there are any alcohol drinks for diabetic Source:

  6. Kandice Reply:

    Can people with type 1 Diabetes are diabetic, and I know you have drink alcohol? A few of my friends to take insulin for your carb intake, however alcohol doesn’t have nutriti

  7. Gillian Reply:

    If you insist on going past one or two drinks I suggest! You need to test more frequently while drinking and have some snacks handy to eat during the evening!

  8. Glennie Reply:

    Can you drink alcohol with type 1 diabetes? Drinking They both are a disease, but with type 1 you are insulin dependent, type 2 you moistly have to take pills.

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