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Can you mix antibiotics with alcohol?

You shouldn’t mix the two! If combined with alcohol, antibiotics may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, & possible convulsions! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Abbie Reply:

    eHow Food, Rachael Ray and her Buddies want to show you how to get Certain antibiotics can have a chemical reaction when mixed with alcohol in the body. Source:

  2. Marcia Reply:

    A widespread myth says that you can’t mix alcohol with antibiotics, but in fact, drinking doesn’t lessen the effects of the drugs.

  3. Adrianna Reply:

    To mix an alcoholic drink you will need alcohol and mixers. One of the most popular is a screwdriver. Mix equal parts of orange juice and vodka over ice and serve! Source:

  4. Dell Reply:

    it doesnt do anything it only makes the anitbiotics not work as well as they should……. Source:

  5. Lory Reply:

    Alcohol can and will lower the effectiveness of the antibiotic. The medication can also just not work at all, and the combination can make you sick. Source:

  6. Elicia Reply:

    what happens when u mix antibiotics started taking keflex because i with other antibiotics? i.e. keflex and amoxicillin? I have strep throat and had a full dose and dont have

  7. Kelle Reply:

    Drinking Alcohol while on most medications is not recommended! As for antibiotics usually the alcohol will cause it not to work as well! Id suggest not drinking while on it– and perhaps next time youre given a prescription ask your doctor if you can drink while on it! Also, a lot of prescriptions will say that alcohol should be avoided while being on the medicine!Id personally wait 7-10 days especially if itll be a large amount of alcohol!

  8. Daisy Reply:

    Can you drink alcohol while on antibiotics? NO! drinking alcohol and taking antibiotics is BAD it can KILL you its almost Do not mix antibiotics and alcohol.

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