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Do smoking cigarettes stunt your growth? MORE?

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  1. Hulda Reply:

    Does Smoking Stunt Your Growth? Smoking can stunt the growth of young children who are exposed to How to Cleanse Body of Cigarette Smoking How to Spot Stunted Growth in Kids · What Causes Fish Stunting in Ponds? More Source:

  2. Jeanett Reply:

    Yes, you’ve heard right – smoking can stunt your growth. The effect is more severe during the early stage, especially before you even get born.

  3. Shoshana Reply:

    Acknowledge that the act of smoking is a major form of denial. You have no idea what you’re loading your body with. It doesn’t just pollute your blood, but that polluted blood runs all through your system …your heart, your brain -everythi… Source:

  4. Maddie Reply:

    Evidence of early lung damage from cigarette smoking has been found in adolescents 10 to 18 years old by Harvard researchers. As few as five cigarettes a day produces signs of airway obstruction and slowed growth in lung function. More? Source:

  5. Rema Reply:

    Immediate Effects Within 10 seconds of that first puff, nicotine reaches the brain of the smoker and begins to travel silently through the body, bringing with it several toxic ingredients. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,700 chemical compou… Source:

  6. Shella Reply:

    will smoking 1 or 2 cigarettes my height? im 15 and 5’5. will smoking 1 or 2 at 15 years old stunt cigarettes stop my growth?

  7. Arla Reply:

    Its stunts your growth of brain cells!

  8. Lenore Reply:

    What are the main substances in cigarettes that affect your health? Smoking can stunt your growth in most parts of your body, some more than others.Height is

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