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Does alcohol have any nutritional value?

It does not have any nutritional value however there might be some health benefits to certain types, like red wine! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maurice Reply:

    Foods with no nutritional value include fast food, soda pop, candy, alcohol, as well as then eating foods with no nutritional value will only help you gain more weight. The following foods have no nutritional value and should be avoided if you Source:

  2. Adelle Reply:

    It’s often said that alcohol has "empty calories" and no nutritional value. That’s technically true but very misleading. That’s because no one drinks pure alcohol — they consume alcoholic beverages. And alcoholic beverages not only have nu

  3. Chris Reply:

    Corn is rich in many different elements. It is also full of vitamins, including Vitamin B and traces of Vitamin A as well as Vitamin E. Look here for more information:… Source:

  4. Carla Reply:

    Fish is one of the most nutritional food groups there are. It is a very healthy meat for the heart, is low in fat, and is full of nutrients. An example of these nutrients is omega 3 commonly found in salmon. Source:

  5. Luciana Reply:

    That depends on what type of mushrooms you are referring to. Often most mushrooms hold little nutritional value or any calories at all. They mostly consist of water. You can look at to check out all mushrooms. Source:

  6. Corie Reply:

    Where can I get information on on how to maintain my food and alcohol nutrition? Where can I get tips weight during the upcoming holidays?

  7. Elwanda Reply:

    Yes, it will retain most of the nutritional content, minus most of the sugar! It will actually be a bit more nutritious, since the yeast will contribute a healthy dose of B-complex vitamins, plus a little C! If youre interested, I could email you a copy of an article I wrote for a local homebrewing groups newsletter about my quest to produce a really good cider from store-bought apple juice concentrate!

  8. Savannah Reply:

    Improve. In a sense. Alcohol is metabolized into acetate by the liver, which is then burned for energy. However, it is burned in place of fat that would otherwise be

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