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Does greasy food get rid of a hang over?

Greasy food lines the intestines with grease which slows the alcohol absorption into the bloodstream – the true cause of a hangover! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Savanna Reply:

    This will not only help you get over your hangover quickly, but may help you prevent a hangover Eat greasy food. How to Get Rid of a Hangover Headache Source:

  2. Enda Reply:

    Dec 14, 2007 "Why does greasy food seem to help a hangover?" – Find the I don’t eat greasy foo to get rid of a hangover, I have a bottle of Broon dog.

  3. Maegan Reply:

    Fatty foods will grease the lining of your stomach and intestines and the absorption of alcohol into your system will be slower. Source:

  4. Shane Reply:

    Begin consuming fluids as soon as possible to get rid of a hang over. Water is fine but oral rehydration solutions or sports drinks are better choices because of the critical minerals and electrolytes they contain. Eat some sugar to get rid… Source:

  5. Johnny Reply:

    Binging on alcohol depletes neurotransmitters, but greasy food contains a high level of aminos which tops these up, giving you a clearer head. Source:

  6. Asha Reply:

    Greasy Eyebrows, how do I get rid. I have to clean my of them? [And greasy skin]? Ok I’ve tried washing them, and they still stay greasy glasses so many times a day because I

  7. Lorrie Reply:

    If you have been drink a lot the simple way to PREVENT a hangover is to drink a lot of water before going to bed! Water will dilute the alcohol and not cause headaches!If you forget to drink the water I have found that a McDonalds Vanilla milk shake works wonders for me!

  8. Birdie Reply:

    How do you get rid of a alcohol hangover fast? drink lots of fluids – especially fruit juices. If you can, eat lots of greasy fried food – gives your stomach something

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