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Does weed kill?

Only if your an idiot! Alcohol is responsible for significantly more deaths than pot! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joseph Reply:

    This homemade weed killer will kill practically all vegetation, so be careful where you use it. Do not spray too closely to any vegetation you don't want to kill, Source:

  2. Melody Reply:

    no there has never been a reported death due to marijuana in fact in order to overdose you need to smoke 3 times your body weight in pot that’s alot of bud Answer In drugs there’s a thing called the LD50–the Lethal Dose for 50 percent of t

  3. Lula Reply:

    Summer and weeds go hand in hand. Some gardeners seem to spend more time trying to kill weeds than enjoying the warmth of summertime. Chemical-based weed killers are effective, yet they are harsh on the environment. Weeds in a walkway that … Source:

  4. Sandy Reply:

    Plantain weeds are divided into two categories, the broad-leaf variety and the buckhorn variety. The major difference between the two is that the buckhorn variety has thinner leaf blades. Plantain is a perennial that regrows each year and i… Source:

  5. Maryann Reply:

    Kill weeds with a solution of bleach and water mixed into a spray bottle. This allows a stream of the solution to get in the cracks of the sidewalk. You can also use boiling water to kill weeds. Look here for more information: http://blogs…. Source:

  6. Dreama Reply:

    Any spray can I use? what’s the name of it?

  7. Annelle Reply:

    It doesnt kill brain cells! Its a myth based on an old, HORRIBLY flawed study! The study was done on rats, and the rats were kept in marijuana smoke-filled areas for days on end! So of course their bran cells died, but it was because of the smoke and oxygen deprivation, not the marijuana itself! New studies show no link between marijuana use and brain cell loss!Your brain cells are constantly dying and being replaced! And studies have even shown that marijuana aids neurogenesis, or the production of new brain cells! As opposed to!!!!!!!say!!!!!!!alcohol! And if you only smoke it twice a month?? Dont worry at all!

  8. Kate Reply:

    Will weed kill you? no the last person was right. Can weed kill someone? One scientist said that a lethal dose of THC would be reached by smoking of 15

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