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How do you get alcohol out of someone that has had way too much?

Sometimes inducing vomiting helps! If you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning, call your local poison control center or 911! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shiela Reply:

    Look out for someone lying about their alcohol use with help from an an alcoholic is somebody who is not metabolizing the alcohol in the same way of somebody's drinking too much or someone seems to always drink too much. much alcohol they've had and another good one is someone who has had multiple DUIs. Source:

  2. Zonia Reply:

    Apr 3, 2002 Find out the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning and what to do if you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning. Don’t be afraid to seek medical help for a friend who has had too much to drink. Don’t worry that your

  3. Tiny Reply:

    cowardly Source:

  4. Luci Reply:

    At higher concentrations, people’s reaction times get slowed down, their voices can become slurred, they can raise their voices, there are emotional swings that can happen–either aggression, anger, or sadness–after that things begin to ge… Source:

  5. Larraine Reply:

    How to Take Care of a Drunk Person – 1. Recognize someone who has had one too many. It’s quite simple to notice, thanks to MORE? Source:'s-had-to-much-alcohol-to-drink

  6. Christa Reply:

    Is rubbing alcohol / isopropyl alcohol and methylated spirit (denatured alcohol) the same? I tried to look for isopropyl alcohol but could only find methylated spirit. (95% al

  7. Miss Reply:

    Theres nothing wrong with being a quiet person! In my experience most quiet people are simply more intellectual! Dont turn to alcohol or drugs to try and make you open up! Itll do nothing but make things more difficult! I used to be all quiet like you for me it helped to just start saying random stuff to make people laugh! Or make funny faces or do random weird things! I like making people laugh! Now people think Im semi crazy but in a fun kind of way! If that makes sense! You dont have to be vocal to make people enjoy being around you! It probably is just putting this girl off that you seem so reserved, not necessarily that youre so quiet but you probably seem reserved in other ways too, like you live in a shell, a lot of people are nervous around someone like that! But be who you are, dont let people change you! Eventually people will come to value you as you are! !! if not, F-em!! society in general is composed of small brained nim-wits that arent wroth the time it takes to care what their opinions are!

  8. Mitsuko Reply:

    Should water be consumed when someone has had too much alcohol? Improve make me go to the bathroom a bit more often which help me from passing out

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