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How do you get high off of cough syrup?

Some children get high off of cough syrup by drinking it! It contains a small amount of alcohol which kids use to get drunk! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Layla Reply:

    Teens are getting high off of cough medicine. Flag this photo. According to the Partnership Attitude Tracking Study of 2004, extremely high numbers of teenagers Source:

  2. Pearle Reply:

    It is not a fun high. If you really must know about this, read the Dextromethorphan FAQ at… . Be sure to read the _whole_ thing. There is very important safety information in there.

  3. Ellen Reply:

    Side effects of DXM abuse include: confusion, impaired judgment, blurred vision, dizziness, paranoia, excessive sweating, MORE? Source:

  4. Kerstin Reply:

    Actually, it’s very bad to get high off of cough syrup. It contains codeine, which can be lethal if you overdose. Honestly, I’d rather smoke some weed than do "sizzurp." Weed didn’t just about kill me. Source(s): I accidentally overdosed on… Source:

  5. Lashonda Reply:

    Long-term use of high doses can cause some people to behave like schizophrenics. Causes certain brain receptors to shut down. Source:

  6. Miki Reply:

    if i have a cough and can buy from the corner go to the doctor will syrup or over the counter or sum other shit i syrup? will they give me codeine the give me codeine cough st

  7. Janay Reply:

    Theres a chemical in cough syrup called DXM and in large amounts it can make you high! How much you take is dependant on your body weight and on how high you want to get! People that enjoy getting high off of DXM say that you cant overdose, which is untrue! A kid my boyfriend used to be friends with died of a robitussin overdose just a few months ago! And drinking large quantities of cough syrup is really, really awful for numerous organs in your body! Just because its technically legal doesnt mean its safe, most illegal drugs are much safer than chugging robitussin! And its dangerous to take if youre taking MAOIs or SSRIs I believe!

  8. Charline Reply:

    How much cough syrup should you take to get high? DXM syrup can cut off all your senses and you feel like you're in another dimension and your mind thinks

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