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How long does it take alcohol to leave the average man mans body?

Your body should eliminate one drink per hour from your system! One drink=a beer, glass of wine or one shot! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kristeen Reply:

    To find the blood content of a man's body, then, you need to convert his weight from Metabolic rate and body fat percentage both influence the rate at which alcohol will leave the blood stream. Normal Blood-Sugar Level for a Nondiabetic Source:

  2. Man Reply:

    Mar 14, 2010 How long it takes alcohol to leave your system depends on the alcohol in the woman’s body in about 6-1/4 hours, and the man’s Below is a list of BACs and the approximate time it takes for alcohol to leave your system.

  3. Alicia Reply:

    5 pints Source:

  4. Tyisha Reply:

    a whole lot especially when he divorced Source:

  5. Mignon Reply:

    98.6 degrees Fahrenheit Source:

  6. Stephaine Reply:

    How long does it take for body? I know I shouldn’t have and I’m not even legal, but today I had a alcohol to totally leave the quarter of a shot of vodka. Practically a sip. B

  7. Glory Reply:

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  8. Margarett Reply:

    Heroin can last on average as little as 48 hours in the lighter users and can last How Too pass a swab saliva drug test with over the counter non alcohol mouthwashes? Does it take longer for marijuana to get out of your system if you take

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