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How many beers does it take to feel buzzed?

The liver processes 1 drink of alcohol per hour! How many drinks it takes to feel buzzed depends on your size and if you’ve eaten! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lashaun Reply:

    How Long Does it Take to Sober Up?. In many people's minds, the difficulty with alcohol isn't the feeling of inebriation. It's the fact that it takes so long to dissipate Source:

  2. Kimberli Reply:

    Usually all of them. Hey, why mess around?

  3. Edith Reply:

    Depending I a individual’s tolerance, weight, how much they have eaten will effect how many beers it will take to feel buzzed. Source:

  4. Lavonna Reply:

    A whole 3..:) Source:

  5. Nida Reply:

    Go out and buy yourself a 6 or a twelve pack, or however many beers you prefer to drink. Chug the first beer as fast and furious as you can, gulp it down. If you are not used to drinking ordinary beer so fast, mix it with some Clamato Juice… Source:

  6. Carolann Reply:

    I took 2mg xanax and 8 times a day. I break the pills in half and usually only take beers in 16 hours and? The doctor has put me only feel a little buzzed on 1mg of Xanax 3 o

  7. Misti Reply:

    Usually about Five!

  8. Leann Reply:

    How many non alcohol beers does it take to feel a buzz? Answer It! In: Homebrewing, Beer and Brewing categories]. Save or. Cancel. Click Here

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