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Is it possible to become immune to the effects of alcohol?

You will never become totally immune to the effects of alcohol!Your tolerance will build the more you drink in a short time! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aurea Reply:

    Having an alcohol allergy is possible but not typical. According to the Mayo Clinic, allergies happen when your immune system identifies alcohol intolerance, which means you are ultra-sensitive to the effects alcohol has on your body, and Itchy hives can be caused by an excess amount of histamine in the body, too. 2 Source:

  2. Linnea Reply:

    I’ve never known anyone to be immune from drug effect. Chronically So its in no way possible to become immune to alcohol? Because I saw

  3. Bettina Reply:

    Alcohol abuse can cause certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies (such as A and B12) that regulate the immune system. Source:

  4. Joelle Reply:

    If you are an alcoholic, alcohol becomes the most important thing in your life. You stop eating. You begin to neglect the important things in your life and the important people (job, family, spouse, etc.). You begin to push the people who c… Source:

  5. Janae Reply:

    Over the short term, hair and nails. Over the long term, none of it. Source:

  6. Dimple Reply:

    What is the difference between high to side effects of alcohol tolerance with alcohol and immune? This is Calvin. Being immune to the side effects of alcohol (from beer, wine

  7. Cherelle Reply:

    ***Okay, this is my revisions suggestions, try not to copy off this, since I am merely making possible modifications! Please note that I’m only a High School student at the Bronx High School of Science, not a professor of English or whatnot!***Binge Drinking On The Rise Among Todays College StudentsAt age 18, the first year of college can become rough! Although it may seem easy at first, pressure to do good in college can be overwhelming to a teen or anybody else! These stressed teens often resort to binge drinking which leads to passing out and they often repeat the process over and over! It is not a sign of weakness; it is an epidemic in the United States! There are many causes of binge drinking, among the reasons are: (whatever you reasons are)! With the pressure growing stronger every day, it is time that students work together to these problems!According to the Harvard College Alcohol Study, forty-four percent of college students binge drink because of peer pressure! In most cases they just drink to fit in with certain groups of people, thereby submitting themselves to something they wouldn’t normally do otherwise (Good supporting evidence)! However, these students should set limits and counter stressful times with fortitude instead of giving in to a drug! In reality, the only guiding light is a persons own self-conscience that decides who to subject himself or herself to those who truly respect him or her and accept who he or she really is!For many students this is his or her first time away from home without constant adult supervision Curiosity becomes a big factor in a persons decision to try drinking alcohol! Most caring and loving parents have educated about the possible side effects of alcoholism but most teens treat this piece of advice with levity and tell themselves I will never be hooked on alcohol! After reassuring themselves about being indomitable by alcohol, students tend to find out for themselves about the ups and downs of alcohol and the ever important question of “how many is too much??” Proper anti-drug abuse education and moral support from parents and peers alike can reduce the amount of teens that binge drink or attempt to drink alcohol underage!Some students don’t like to live life on a seemingly predefined itinerary and want to avoid the stress that comes from school, so they drink to “escape the pain”! In this case binge drinking can become a serious problem! Instead of stressing over life, school and or work, students should find a sense of balance in their lives! They should find a hobby that they will enjoy, preferably some form of physical exercise, which will boost their immune systems and relax their minds! Students should also realize that drinking can cause more stress! The best course of action is to find the power and valor within themselves to stand up and say no to alcohol! As the ages pass, binge drinking will always be a major problem for college students in America and countries throughout the world! Provided that students are well informed about drinking and the reasons why they drink, the percentage of binge drinkers will drop dramatically! Students should focus their attention on the solutions mentioned above: peer pressure, curiosity, and stress should not be reasons to binge drink, or to drink at all!

  8. Chloe Reply:

    A side effect from using Chamalla appears to be that the user suffers from Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze, Father Ted, A bran-based alcoholic chocolate . it is possible to become immune to it by consuming small amounts over time.

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