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What are ways to help me fall asleep?

Some ways to help you fall asleep: Drink mug of warm milk with honey, white noise, TV, radio, drink small amount of alcohol!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rhoda Reply:

    How to Help Me Sleep Better. Sleep is essential to physical and mental well being. According to, the majority of men and women require Source:

  2. Natividad Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Most people fall asleep when their room is quiet & dark. Try a glass of warm milk!

  3. Abby Reply:

    Warm yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea. Use as little honey and sugar as possible. Pick out a book that you have read before. A new book may tend to wake up and excite your mind and make you want to keep reading more. Lay in bed, make sur… Source:

  4. Flossie Reply:

    Ever since the birth of the first baby, parents have wrestled from time to time with the question of how to coax the little one to sleep for the night. Babies require three basic things to allow them to fall asleep: they must feel physicall… Source:

  5. Maryam Reply:

    A great way to help you fall asleep in the P.M. is to have about a 30 or more minute workout in the mornings. If your brave try yoga, it is a very relaxing way to start your day and will help you relax when its time to fall asleep. Try warm… Source:

  6. Waltraud Reply:

    Ways to help me fall asleep work for example warm milk?!? Ok so yaa i suffer have trouble sleeping and all from insomnia so oviously i the things ive heard dont,tea,books,sex,

  7. Steffanie Reply:

    IDK about chemicals, etc!But to actually start to sleep, try this:Just learn to really breathe deep! Pay attention only to your breathing!The reason it works?? Well, theres two I can think of, and they may be the same thing, I cant remember!Your slower breathing changes the oxygen levels in your brain, which changes how it works!And, your slower breathing triggers different brain waves!Chamomile, now I think of it, can help you relax, so your breathing stays deep, and so your brain can stop being on Supermom mode (I remember when I had to do that!)

  8. Tora Reply:

    I have found that putting a soft pillow under my hips and a pillow between my legs help me sleep better. I still have to rotate during the night but atleast that way I

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