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What do you do if you think you might have a baby?

Definitely go see your doctor! No more alcohol or caffeine, don’t dye your hair, and congratulations! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ollie Reply:

    Babies can't tell you what is wrong with them–you must interpret their behavior. If you think your baby has an ear infection but are not completely sure, here are some If the eardrum ruptures, you may have to drain some fluid out of the ear. Source:

  2. Mardell Reply:

    If you’re planning to have your baby in hospital or a she may ask you to come in so that she can make an

  3. Lavera Reply:

    Baby Think It Over is a computer programmed baby "simulator." It is an educational aid designed to instruct people about the realities of parenting. The product line was discontinued in 2007, therefore only used dolls are available to buy. Source:

  4. Dorene Reply:

    Get the baby out of the sun immediately. Take the baby to the doctor. Put ointment and gauze bandages over any blistered areas. Do not pop blisters. Be sure the baby gets plenty of fluids, as sun poisoning can cause dehydration or can be wo… Source:

  5. Renna Reply:

    Unless you plan on using it all the time or are an educator, I would suggest not buying one. You can call up your nearest Planned Parenthood and have one loaned out to you. They do loan out dolls to schools, churches, and organizations. Source:

  6. Jinny Reply:

    Rock song with heavy guitar and lyrics “baby baby… baby baby… baby baby” something something “in my head”? The singing is seperated with heavy (more intense than speedy) g

  7. Lenna Reply:

    You know what you need to do! Move on! Try to develop new interests, hobbies and activities! Do new things! Consider volunteering! It is an amazing and constructive and productive thing to do, and will take your mind off this situation! It will help you to stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on people who need your help! As a result you will be able to move on, nd boost your confidence and self esteem! Helping other people will not only help them but will also help you, and you might even make some new friends and see your road to a new life!

  8. Tonisha Reply:

    If you stay patient, and get closer to this special person and maybe, things might change. You may see the real them, and decide that they aren't worth the time. you, baby girl, hot stuff and I'm just 12 but I think you should say it at least once.

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