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What drugs can can you OD on?

Mixing drugs such as heroin, pills and alcohol is the most common cause of death by overdose!Others are:`Valium’, ‘Morphine! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Goldie Reply:

    Discuss and understand all potential side effects of your medications. Your doctor and pharmacist can discuss these with you. Don't take anything for granted. Source:

  2. Sona Reply:

    Feb 3, 2011 coke, meth, heroin, crack are probably the main ones that can make you die from an overdose. you can overdose and not die obviously. so with

  3. Delpha Reply:

    Sorry Cha Cha does not give bad advice.Is there anything else we could help you with? Source:

  4. Kaley Reply:

    No drug is good to od on! But narcotics such as Morphine and other strong pain killers probably kill many people when abused. Source:

  5. Genevie Reply:

    Heroin is one of the easiest drugs to overdose on. Heroin is highly addictive, and should be avoided. Source:

  6. Keith Reply:

    what are d manual method of drugs on malnutrition, benefits of these drugs &side effect of these drugs? i’m writting a report on balance diet and want to know about the quest.

  7. Melvina Reply:

    This reminded me of marijuana

  8. Serina Reply:

    An accidental overdose occurs when the Drugs for overdose? Any drugs can make you overdose. It just depends how sensible you use them or not. What drug

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