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What happens when you mix antidepressants and alcohol?

Your medication may become ineffective in treating your depression! The side effects from your medication could also worsen! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Epifania Reply:

    If you are taking antidepressants, it usually means you may suffer from depression, bipolar disorder or Deciding to mix alcohol, a depressant, while taking antidepressants may be harmful. Blackouts and memory loss will happen quickly. Source:

  2. Mikaela Reply:

    U could die I can NOT predict the interaction of prescription drugs & alcohol My recommendation – do NOT take any of the prescription "drugs" That crap is bad for you .. GOOD LUCK

  3. Malia Reply:

    WikiAnswers does not provide information about illegal acts, such as using cocaine. Source:

  4. Dot Reply:

    The effect of the alcohol is usually doubled so you get drunk way faster than you expect and they are both processed through your liver so it destroys your liver a lot quicker than if you were just hurting your liver with just alcohol. If y… Source:

  5. Joellen Reply:

    The clearance of alcohol from the body is not affected by citalopram. SSRIs like citalopram work on serotonin- and norepinephrine- synthesizing neurons and slowly cause an increase in the synaptic availability of both of these neurotransmit… Source:

  6. Tiera Reply:

    Antidepressants for alcohol withdraw? I have a parent who is suffering from alcohol withdraw. It’s been several months. The symptoms are not up to seizure levels, but they are

  7. Antonio Reply:

    Alcohol and anti-depressants do not mix and it can make a person with depression!People with depression drink to escape their problems and stress,then they come back down and feel worse because they are hung over and still depressed so they drink again and go through periods of binging!Then some become alcoholics and they spiral into this vicious circle that can lead to liver problems or alcohol poisoning!

  8. Loreen Reply:

    Alcohol strengthens the effect of all other medications and drugs used. You can become very depressed, very unhappy and you can feel terrible if you use this

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