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What is a good way to stop drinking alcohol so much?

To cut down on drinking alcohol, write down your reasons why! Set a goal,1 or 2 drinks per day! Write it down! Keep a drink diary! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Merrill Reply:

    Eat a lot of carbohydrates so they can soak up the yeast in alcohol. Meat will give you protein, The best way to help a hangover is not to drink too much alcohol. But after a big How to Stop a Cat From Throwing Up Food. When cats vomit Source:

  2. Arlena Reply:

    3 days ago Stop drinking alcohol advice, information and resources – to help you can beat alcoholism. It is said that too much of anything isn’t good for overall health. Sedative drugs: The very first thing that is recommended for alcohol . Giving in to this way of thinking is a path to disaster as you will always be

  3. Sherryl Reply:

    For most people, regular alcohol consumption is quite normal, controlled and even healthy. Red wine in particular is touted for its powerful antioxidants and positive impact on the heart. However, when consumed in excess, alcohol can be qui… Source:

  4. Janessa Reply:

    First of all, this is actually impossible. Unless YOU are the alcoholic, you can’t stop an alcoholic from drinking. Alcoholism is its own demon that can’t be fought from the outside. What you can do is make it impossible for the alcoholic i… Source:

  5. Inga Reply:

    Drinking alcohol to excess can lead to a myriad of health problems. Some people swear by social programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous to help them quit drinking. Others prefer to just stop cold turkey. Look here for more information: http:/… Source:

  6. Dede Reply:

    How do you stop drinking alcohol when the act of drinking just being alive? I used to cope with it helps you cope with the ups and downs and just brush myself off. After a bad

  7. Hollis Reply:

    Sara – You asked, so I will answer!!!!1) There is no way that anyone can make a prediction about your future health – except to guess that you are well on your way to ruining it!2) You are an alcoholic! You will deny that, of course, but that is what you are! Listen to your own words – you dont want to stop drinking, you cant stop drinking, you hate the idea of even cutting back! Thats alcoholism! Get help! Drinking like that will kill you – and dont give me the BS about your grandfather! I would bet you that he does have significant liver problems, they just havent killed him yet! It is your specific genetics, not his, that will determine what happens medically! If the drinking itself doesnt kill you, it will mess up every other organ system in your body (like your brain)! Some of the other ways your behavior might kill you is because you will be so drunk some time that you drown in your own vomit (that makes a great obituary entry – doesnt it??), or walk into the street in front of a car! There are a hundred ways beside liver problems!Do you really think that your grandfather has a great life?? Sitting at a table all day drinking beer?? Do you admire that?? Is that what you want to end up like – drinking all day long in a state of oblivion?? What happened to a real life?? Read what you wrote about yourself – does it really sound like the kind of life you want to continue??Who takes care of your child when you off on one of your drinking binges?? Would you consider yourself to be a good parent?? Really?? Do you want your child to grow up to be just like you??Like I said at the start – You asked, so dont complain about the answers you get!

  8. Marchelle Reply:

    How do you stop someone you love very much from drinking alcohol? take there alcohol drinking alcohol? A good place to start is to find a local AA meeting.

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