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What is an example of self defeating behavior?

Pessimism and alcoholism would be two examples of behaviors that are degenerative and self-defeating! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Keli Reply:

    Self-defeating thoughts and feelings rule your life if you let them. Flag this photo It literally reprograms your mind, so you believe you are elegant, feminine or ingenious, for example. Train your How to Recognize Self-Defeating Behavior Source:

  2. Maybell Reply:

    Jan 23, 2005 Here are 12 examples of self-sabotaging behavior from Debbie Ford’s or that distracts you from your goals is behavior that is self-defeating.

  3. Vernetta Reply:

    Unrealistic expectations Procrastination Not learning from your mistakes Taking things too personally Drug/Alcohol abuse Negativity Fear Lying Overeating Unorganized Prejudices Source:

  4. Shannan Reply:

    First thing we need to do to overcome self defeat is to take responsibility for our own lives and our outcomes. Let go of blaming other people, circumstances, fate, or even luck for your problems and your choices; to do so is self-defeating… Source:

  5. Kathie Reply:

    Many people develop struggles within their personal, professional, relationship and life desires as a result of negative behavior. An individual with self defeating habits has a tendency to intentionally or unintentionally engage in a negat… Source:

  6. Aimee Reply:

    Christians, why does god allow priests & nuns to die in natural disasters. Isn’t this self-defeating behavior? Since things like earthquakes, lightning, floods, volcanoes, hur

  7. Elizabeth Reply:

    A very relevant example is for a married executive or office holder to have sexual relations outside of marriage! Especially in politics this behavior often leaves the person no choice except to resign the office when it is discovered and publicized!

  8. Ellamae Reply:

    Examples of behavioral handicaps include alcohol consumption, the selection the night before the exam the student has engaged in self-defeating behaviour

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