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What leads to physical abuse?

Emotional abuse can lead to physical abuse! Drug and alcohol use and mental illness can lead to physical abuse! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Esther Reply:

    Verbal abuse happens when the abuser wants to dominate a relationship and uses That is the best way to stop verbal abuse before it leads to physical abuse . Source:

  2. Lashaun Reply:

    Jan 1, 2007 CHICAGO (Reuters) – Physically abused and neglected children are much more likely to grow into severely depressed adults, a finding that

  3. Freda Reply:

    Drug addiction currently plagues millions of people in the U.S. Drug addiction not only wreaks havoc on the body of the addict, but on family relationships, school and work performance, sense of self-worth and quality of life of the user. T… Source:

  4. Taina Reply:

    There are many causes of physical abuse. Sometimes it’s a learned behavior, when someone grows up and sees it happening all the time, they then think it’s okay to do. That’s really sad! Source:

  5. Tiera Reply:

    Physical abuse is being violent or forceful. This violence is one another person. You can hurt another person, with this abuse. Holding someone down is also abuse. Source:

  6. Carolyne Reply:

    what do each of these mean: verbal abuse? emotional abuse? mental abuse? physical abuse? Do they affect a person differently and is one worse than another? If yes, which orde

  7. Franchesca Reply:

    Look up assault and also battery on Google!com! Youll see the legal definitions, which are rather different from what many people might think! Personally, I think that people who think its OK to yank someone around by the back of the shirt, especially in anger, are the kind of people to stay away from! A lot of young people are accustomed to rather rough horseplay, but that can rapidly escalate into something much worse!As far as adult behavior is concerned, that sort of thing can be really frightening! You may need to work out ways to keep clear of anyone who threatens to act that way!If its your own behavior you are worried about, take a sober look at the Internet information, and resolve to control yourself before you land in major trouble!

  8. Daisey Reply:

    physical abuse is hitingYes, but it is so much more! The intent of physical and psychological abuse is to get the victim to DO something they aren't doing or to get

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