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Why are my fingers peeling?

There are a number of reasons your fingers are peeling! 1! Dry skin! 2! Too much Vitamin A! 3! Excessive amounts of alcohol! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Carl Reply:

    Why Is the Skin Peeling Off My Feet?. Dry, peeling skin on the feet can be more than a minor cosmetic annoyance. It can itch, burn and bleed. Dry, peeling skin Source:

  2. Bree Reply:

    i don’t know. it’s happening to me too right now. it’s really weird because it is uneven. my neighbor said that fingers peel every 4 years but this never happened to me before!

  3. Pearline Reply:

    Finger tips peel because of damage to the skin, which can be either external (heat, chemicals, extreme dryness) or internal as a symptom of an infection or dietary deficiency. If the peeling persists more than a few days, you should contact… Source:

  4. Ashlyn Reply:

    Take a look at your fingernails or toenails in a strong light. Are you pleased by what you see? Discolored, cracking or peeling are both uncomfortable and unpleasant looking. Your nails may be peeling for several reasons, ranging from traum… Source:

  5. Yukiko Reply:

    Fingers with peeling skin can range from dry and cracked with minor peeling to red, itchy welts. The degree to which your fingers are peeling determines the possible cause. Source:

  6. Jeanetta Reply:

    I’m thinking it might have something to do with my diet, very small appetite over the. I have had a very last couple of months. Can this cause this? They started peeling by th

  7. Dennise Reply:

    This could be an anxiety disorder! My son used to do this without even realizing it! We started him on some anxiety medication and some therapy (to help him understand why he was doing this, to catch himself at it, and to teach him to change the behavior)! Its done a world of good for him!

  8. Evelyn Reply:

    Why is my skin on my hands and palms peeling? You know how a snake sheds its What could be wrong if you have tingly fingers? carpel tunnel syndrome?

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