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Why do I turn red when I drink alcohol?

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels in your skin, causing the redness to appear! Over time, alcohol can affect every organ system! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Rhea Reply:

    Many people are prone to turning red after consuming alcohol. This is alcohol flush reaction and Can You Drink Alcohol After You Get a Tattoo? How to Avoid Source:

  2. Tori Reply:

    That happens because alcohol is a vasodilator i.e. a substance that widens the blood vessels. So the millions of tiny vessels under the skin of your face become much more obvious because they carry more blood. Hence the red colour. (By the

  3. Rosemarie Reply:

    anyone with pale skin may turn red when drinking, because alcohol causes blood to rise to the surface of your skin, those making it look red. Source:

  4. Nery Reply:

    Drinking alcohol thins your blood and this can cause the blood vessels in your face to come to the surface and make your face red. Being indoors and warm further encourages this effect. Source:

  5. Elsa Reply:

    Alcohol can turn your cheeks red when you drink. Red cheeks can make you look like you have consumed more than you actually have. Source:

  6. Joana Reply:

    I used to turn red whenever of drinking, a few drinks would cause I drink alcohol. But now I don’t! Why? I am an Asian. Before, in my first few months me to turn pinkish in th

  7. Veronique Reply:

    it sounds like u r allergic to just the hard stuff if u dont break out when u drink beer then just stick to that

  8. Celestina Reply:

    Is good or bad when you drink alcohol your face turns red? Just normal. Alcohol causes the capillaries beneath the skin to expand, allowing more blood to reach

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