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Why do people pee their pants when they are drunk?

Alcohol lowers inhibitions, including not holding your bladder until an appropriate opportunity to relieve yourself! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Blanche Reply:

    They will be able to better assist you if you followed their protocol. If you do get stuck to either the bandage or your clothing, wet it, then gently peel it away from Source:

  2. Blanca Reply:

    Drunk people often urinate in places they shouldn’t. One city councilman actually urinated on people at a nightclub!

  3. Elvie Reply:

    Then there is obviously something wrong, VERY wrong. Source:

  4. Malena Reply:

    You probably pee your pants because you are so relaxed you forget to go. Source:

  5. Romana Reply:

    I’m not sure you can! Source:

  6. Catherine Reply:

    Could you please answer when i pee i have a burning every 5 minutes yet it sensation ,b4 and after peeing .i feel i need to pee only comes out very little at a time.i have’nt

  7. Golden Reply:

    I agree with you ~ They are only little once! You dont want to be sitting there when your old lady thinking that you shouldnt have rushed so much! I got this poem in an email today and it about made me cry:Slow DanceHave you ever watched kids on a merry go round??Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground?? Ever followed a butterflies erratic flight??Or gazed at the sun into the fading night??You’d better slow down ~ don’t dance so fastTime is short~ the music won’t last!Do run thru each day on the fly??When you ask “How are you??”Do you hear the reply?? When the day is done ~ Do you lay in your bedWith the next hundred chores ~ Running thru your head??You’d better slow down ~ Don’t dance so fastTime is short ~ The music won’t last!Ever told your child~ We’ll do it tomorrow??And in your haste ~ Not seen her sorrow?? Ever lost touch ~ Let a good friendship dieBecause you never had time to call and say hi??You’d better slow down ~ Don’t dance so fastTime is short ~ The music won’t last!When you run so fast to get somewhere You miss have the fun of getting thereWhen you worry and hurry thru your dayIt’s like an unopened gift thrown away!Life is not a race ~ Do take it slowerHear the music ~ Before the song is over

  8. Letisha Reply:

    Why do some people when they get drunk pee in the floor? control center no longer operates properly, causing little problems like peeing your pants. Because all of their feelings they are scared to reveal when sober, come out all at once.

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