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Is it normal to have diarrhea more than once a month?

That sounds like a food allergy! Pay attention to what you eat and try cutting it out of your diet and see if it helps! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tabitha Reply:

    If you are not given a sick day, then tell the boss out right that you have to be able to is a condition consisting of loose stools that last for more than one month. Diarrhea is a common condition that many dogs will suffer from at some point in Detail:

  2. Maryalice Reply:

    Aug 1, 2010 Increased stooling, with stool consistency less solid than normal, constitutes a If the illness persists for more than 14 days, it is called persistent. If the duration of symptoms is longer than 1 month, it is considered chronic diarrhea. Multiple host factors that determine the level of illness once exposure to

  3. Chandra Reply:

    Hi well my answer to this is from experience and sometimes no. believe it or not when i was having sex with my boyfriend it was during my period and i mean i was really horny so i wanted to have some sex anyway when i did i started to bleed… More:

  4. Joetta Reply:

    Its called a breakthrough were the blood in your body keeps spreading through to your vigina More:

  5. Janell Reply:

    Headaches could be from dehydration. Hives from a food allergy, and diarrhea from a food allergy. Or it could be Clostridium Difficile (except it doesn’t cause hives). More:

  6. Karleen Reply:

    Is it normal for my 3 month old lab to have from some lady on craigslist diarrhea? i just purchased a puppy and she’s about three months old maybe younger. she’s an all black

  7. Lupe Reply:

    Hello, you need to take the child to the doctor again, since youre playing with the childs welfare, having let this go so long!

  8. Jeane Reply:

    My periods are always irregular, usually skipping a week- month at a time, but never 2 months. I had diarrhea with this last one and it was really awful. I have some cravings and more hunger than usual, but these symptoms I normally get

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