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How to Become a Herbalist

You may have such questions as How To Become A Herbalist and How To Become A Master Herbalist,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Become A Certified Herbalist. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Free Herbalist Training Course,too. Read more as following:

I am currently going to school at Trinity College of Natural Health to become a Natural Doctor and they have an herbalist program there too. Most herbalist programs are done online only.

How to Become a Herbalist?

To become a herbalist you will need to consult with a University in your area. You can check with the American Herbalist Guild to find out where you can become certified.... More »

How to become a master herbalist?

1. Find a school that offers a degree program in herbal medicine. For example, the School of Natural Healing has a distance learning degree program for those interested in becoming master herbalists. 2. Before you are eligible for the master herbalis... More »

How to become a certified herbalist?

1. Find out about herbalism. There is a great amount of information available about herbs and healing. 2. Locate a school that is certified to train herbalists. Doing a search on the Internet, you will find numerous schools. Research the schools and... More »

How to become a licensed herbalist?

1. Decide what type of herbalist you would like to be. You can specialize in a variety of areas including home remedies, herb gardening, women's health, aromatherapy or herbal nutrition and eventually seek out a career as a practitioner, educator, re... More »

How to become a registered herbalist?

1. Learn as much as you can about plants, their medicinal properties, how and where they thrive best and which plant cures which ailments. Available sources of learning abound on the Internet and in books and other publications. Talk to local herbali... More »

How to Become a Medical Herbalist

When studying to become an herbalist, you will familiarize yourself with various herbs and the effect they have on healing the body and maintaining optimal health. After completing your studies, you will have acquired extensive knowledge of the sourc... More »


  1. Sherry Reply:

    I am considering becoming an English teacher in the future.. but I also am interested in learning about natural remedies and stuff and might like to practice it and get money etc.

  2. Lowell L Reply:

    I have recently become interested in these different areas, but have little knowledge. I may one day like to take classes and such but I do not know what each area consists of and about licensure and requirements too.

  3. Prettypinkskittle Reply:

    i’m looking to become a professional herbalist but the problem is i don’t know where to start. i looked up online institutes and colleges that offer classes on herbalism but some seemed fishy and i don’t know how to find the good ones.

    how do i become an herbalist?

  4. Faryin Reply:

    I want to be an Herbalist one day, i’m currently in Highschool and i was wondering if i needed any specific classes to be taken to achieve that

  5. Zachery Reply:

    I love herbal and natural medicine, but I’m really just a hobbyist right now, how do i become a Certified Herbalist? does any of know of any accredited schools? and what are the costs involved? Thank you

  6. Bachman Reply:

    I would like to begin studying herbs and would like to become a herbalist some day. Does anyone know of any useful herbs that grow locally in Milford PA?

  7. Mons?er ? Loki’d Reply:

    What is the kind of certification one needs to become one?
    Are there special schools for it?
    Any information would be appreciated.

  8. Cristiane Reply:

    I want to become an herbalist(someone who uses natural remedies to heal the bodies problems) are there any books that can tell you what items you use to heal a certain problem?

  9. Rib Toaster Reply:

    I want to become a Master Herbalist/Nutritionist… I’m wondering what college I should go to. Problem is, most are not accredited. Of the ones that are, they are VERY expensive. What would you guys recommend, either as a full time college course or just something to get my feet wet?

  10. Muhd Imran Reply:

    I was wondering if becoming a herbalist is a good career choice. Some of my questions are, does it pay good? Will the pay be enough to have a family? Is there a school that you have to go to? How much are the herbs? Thank you!!

  11. Cowgirl4lyfe321 Reply:

    I want to become a practicing herbalist, but I don’t know where I could earn my degree. If anyone knows where I could earn my degree, I would greatly appreciate it.

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