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How to Use Perfumes

You may have such questions as What Is Perfume and How To Make Perfume,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Perfume Hoax. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Discontinued Perfumes,too. Read more as following:

You want to use perfume on locations of your body that are close to blood flow. This will warm the perfume and cause the scent to be released more. Some of the most popular areas are the wrists, elbows, knees and neck.

What is Perfume?

Perfume is a mixture of certain fragrances and ingredients to create a desirable scent. This is mainly used by women to attract attention from others.... More »

How to Make Perfume

Learning how to make perfume is not only easy and cost-effective, but a wonderful way to discover and customize the perfect fragrance for you. Choose a scent you like and something that holds the scent in place and voila--you have perfume. Homemade p... More »

What is a Perfume Hoax?

The perfume hoax is an urban legend that has been seen in circulating emails and states that there are people claiming to be perfume salesman and they drive up to you in a parking lot. They ask you to smell their perfume and it actually contains ethe... More »

Who invented perfume?

The earliest usage of perfume is traceable to ancient Egypt where the citizens shaved their heads and placed a bit of scented animal fat under their headdress. During the day, heat from their body slowly melted the fat and it seeped downward, masking... More »

How to make homemade perfume?

1. Acquire the needed ingredients for the homemade perfume. You'll need four tablespoons of ethyl alcohol, two cups of distilled water, ten drops of bergamot essential oil and ten drops of lavender essential oil. 2. Find a dark, airtight bottle. For... More »

What is the Best Selling Perfume?

Since it's introduction in 1921, Chanel No. 5 has been the world's best selling perfume. Marilyn Monroe said herself that all she wore to bed was "a little Chanel No. 5". ... More »


  1. Jonthan-_- Reply:

    I’m interested in making perfumes and I want to study this subject in the university. Is there such course like this in the universities? If so, which universities in Australia offer such course? Thanks!

  2. Rambabu26 D Reply:

    I am looking for a new perfume and don’t know what’s new out there. What are some good perfumes?

  3. Dsfsdf Reply:

    I want to get a perfume that guys really love. What perfumes have you worn that guys compliment you on a lot?

  4. Rebekah Reply:

    What are some good teen girl perfumes? I would like to get new ones for under $15 for school.

  5. Taubra Reply:

    I have 20 deodorants and 42 perfumes. I’m a little obsessed with those things.

  6. Rahul Reply:

    i have a whole bunch of old perfumes i dont use. i was wondering if i could mix them and mke a new one. do u think i could, or would it just smell worse? plz help!

  7. Yaimeli M Reply:

    I’m NOT talking about these pheromone perfumes, but for the regular ones.
    Which smell can turn on a girl and which smell can turn on on a guy? Which is the perfume that can drive you absolutely crazy?

  8. Shockt Reply:

    By best quality, we refer to perfumes that last 6-8 hours possible, and that do not smell mature, example of mature would be Chanel #5.

  9. Tekere Reply:

    I want to put organsiers on top of my tallboy and put my deodrants, perfumes and mosturisers and make up and etc… I would like to know if this is okay?

    If someone can help me, it will be very much appreciated and I will appreciated it a lot!
    Thank you so much!

  10. Codystudios Reply:

    I want to buy a vintage collection of French perfumes in miniature bottles for my niece. They are all still sealed, but are likely from the 70’s or 80’s. If they’ve become “bad”, I’ll just get her a new collection instead. Please advise!

  11. Jessica A Reply:

    I want to get some nice cream that smells amazing or a perfume that will last on me all day i have this girl in my school that people always notice when she walks past at school she smells beautiful her smell never goes away any sprays, perfumes to use?
    Thank-you Isabelle.

  12. Lacey Reply:

    I love perfume but am sensitive to some. I am wondering if there are any people who get headaches with some perfumes, and not with others? Which ones don’t you get them with, and are they great smelling :) Thanks!

  13. Cz73 Reply:

    I organize my perfumes by seasons and I need more fall. Bath and body works is the only affordable place to buy perfume. I’m in middle school so no scents that are too old, please. If you could give some winter suggestions also, that would be great! Thank you!

  14. Music Buff Reply:

    I am writing about the most expensive perfumes in the world. If you know the expensive perfume in the world with the cost, please let me know. It will be very helpful.

  15. Blondiee Reply:

    I always see these perfumes sold at Target for cheap but the same perfume is very expensive at the department stores. Like Juicy Couture. Are they knockoffs? I thought that would be illegal. What is so different about them?

  16. Kitten~lover Reply:

    I always wear the same perfume when I hang out with my boyfriend and I feel like changing it up. Right now I wear Hollister So-Cal. What are some CHEAP great smelling perfumes that I can get easily that will drive my boyfriend crazy?

  17. Aikay Reply:

    How can perfume manufacturers mix alcohol, water, and essential oils to their perfumes. Im making homemade perfumes based on the recipes I’ve found on the internet but my perfume always come out cloudy because essential oils doesn’t dissolve in water and alcohol.

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