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Why does my chest hurt everytime i breath?

This could be a symptom of many things including asthma, a panic attack, pneumonia, pain from a cough! again soon! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rachel Reply:

    When ever I breathe in my chest just hurts. I don’t smoke but my father does a lot and I am always around him because I am still young to young to get my own house. Also when I bend down or slouch it hurts a lot too. Today I went to the clinic at school and got sent home but my father just gave me aspirin and sent me back. I have also been coughing recently, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but thanks in advance for the help.

  2. Miranda Reply:

    I was sitting in school. And my rips start hurting I don’t know why. I was send home for my stomach. It hurts to breath and my heart rate is going really fast. Someone please help me.

  3. scottie wisdom Reply:

    ok i have been laying face down but then i lay with my head up to see my tv. later on it started to hurt under around the chest area… i dont know what to do. my grandma said wait and see if it gets better. i moved my laying position to sitting straight up. i think have a torn muscle in my chest from the way i was laying down. what should i do?? when i breathe deeply it hurts bad and when i drink sprite. what do i do???

  4. Carlotta Reply:

    Bruised ribs can be hard to deal with as they heal, largely because there is little that Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health You may need to get a chest X-ray to determine this, or your health care Bruised ribs are characterized by serious pain with every breath because your ribs move every time you breathe . Source:

  5. Mandi Reply:

    My chest and back hurts everytime i breathe? everytime i breathe my chest hurts and so does my upper back at the same time it feels like a

  6. Evan Reply:

    So if there is a rib joint that is out of place, then you'll feel it everytime your ribcage … Well… a lot of my patients had this, as well as myself, and it sure isn't much fun. … pleuracy, or inflammation of the linings between the lung and the chest wall. … blade it hurts to breath deeply and do simple tasks like getting out of a chair?

  7. Maryjane Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Chest hurts when breathing may be cause of Heart Diseases, Pulmonary Embolism, Pneumonia or others. Visit an MD to undergo proper diagnosis! Source:

  8. Chun Reply:

    Costochondritis causes pain at the ribs and breastbone area. It typically happens when taking deep breaths or coughing. Source:

  9. Lauralee Reply:

    If you have pain in your chest when you breathe you could have damage to a rib, pneumonia, or a cardiac issue. That’s just a few causes. To rule out something critical see a doctor right away. Source:

  10. Jamee Reply:

    See a doctor as soon as possible! There could be a number of diagnoses, but this is one of the symptoms I had last summer, when I had pneumonia!

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