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Does the MMR vaccine cause autism?

Carefully performed scientific studies found no relationship between MMR vaccine and autism! Real risks of MMR vaccine are rare! On! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lynne Reply:

    There have been many studies done on the relationship between the MMR vaccine and a possible link to autism. The CDC says that it does not cause autism, Source:

  2. Melia Reply:

    No. More than a dozen studies have been published showing that autism is not associated with receiving vaccines. We have more than sufficient information to say that vaccines, including MMR, do not cause autism. Autism, now more commonly re

  3. Jacquie Reply:

    The child will not get autism from an MMR vaccination. Countries with different vaccination ingredients or different vaccination schedules have increasing rates of autism, too. Research indicates that the MMR vaccination does not cause auti… Source:

  4. Pauletta Reply:

    1998. It was not a study, and it was not "flawed." It was a case-series, a description and discussion of 12 patients who had similar medical problems.… funkygurl123, I highly suggest you read the abo… Source:

  5. Angelena Reply:

    i use to be a special needs helper and one of the children i cared for had the mmr jab within 3 weeks the child stopped talking and showed signs of autism i would defiantly link that specific case with the mmr jab Source:

  6. Leontine Reply:

    If the MMR vaccine has never contained mercury, why is it called the it that has been linked autism vaccine? Is there something else in to autism? I heard something about vac

  7. Star Reply:

    Autism tends to become apperent in children when they are around 3, just when they have the MMR! Children who are normal before this time, seem to suddenly regress and forget what they had learnt, speach, toilet control etc! With or without the MMR these children would still be autistic, it just so happens it co-incides with this injection and a lot of parents need something to blame the autism on, and what better than an injection! These children are very special and can be part of society with specialist care and understanding! They can be very loving and, with help, be part of a family setting, although, depending on their autism as some are worse than others!

  8. Carman Reply:

    The Petitioners' Steering Committee have claimed that MMR vaccines can cause autism, possibly in combination with thiomersal-containing vaccines. In 2007

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