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How can I help someone with autism?

Caring for someone with autism can be a real challenge Establish a routine and stick with it! An autistic individual will feel safe within a structured environment, and tends to aggressively resist any sort of change! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mary Reply:

    Caring for someone with autism can be a real challenge, since there is no cure, nor to the autistic individual within this familiar framework in order to help them Source:

  2. Catherine Reply:

    Many people with autism would be quite happy to have a friend who does not judge them, pity them, or look down on them because they have a disability. Being able to interact with somebody who doesn’t care that you’re weird is a huge relief.

  3. Reita Reply:

    Ask to hold hands. Some people with autism are subject to high anxiety, and holding hands without asking can make them nervous or anxious. Phone your date the next day, regardless of gender roles. Some individuals with autism may be too shy… Source:

  4. Ollie Reply:

    Autism is a mental disorder that has affected many families nationwide. If you have dealt with autism one way or another then you know that communicating with an autistic child can be challenging. Every child is different, but there are sti… Source:

  5. Candy Reply:

    Caring for someone with autism can be a real challenge, since there is no cure, nor any universal treatment program that works consistently for people with this disability. The effects of autism, a bio-neurological disorder that affects one… Source:

  6. Elicia Reply:

    is autism inherited? if one child is born with autism, will the next be likely to also have autism?

  7. Kina Reply:

    There is a system in place called PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) which does just this sort of thing! The individual uses the pictures to substitute for the word they are unable to say! That is, if they want to use the swing or eat, they would give th facilitator (parent, therapist, etc!) the representative picture card in exchange for the reinforcer!

  8. Leo Reply:

    How do you help someone with autism? You can help just by including a friend or sibling with autism in your social groups from time to enjoy different activities,

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