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Is ADD and autism the same thing?

No, they’re very different! Kids with ADD can’t concentrate or sit still! Kids with autism can’t connect with people socially! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Latrice Reply:

    However, children with autism like doing the same thing over and over again and Autistic kids love shiny colors, so using high-gloss paints add to their visual Source:

  2. Wilhemina Reply:

    Feb 26, 2010 He has possible traits of ADHD, Autism and But my doctor tells me the same thing and he is wrong for I’ve had other doctors listen to me.

  3. Agnes Reply:

    Ok…the original code would have added all of them…just converted what was there. To make it add only the first and last name: tabLine = line.Split(":") If UBound(tabLine) >= 1 Then … Source:

  4. Ta Reply:

    exactly in the same way of the designer but ovviously you must delete the object from the designer first … 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: private AxCamImage1 as AxATLCAMIMAGELib.AxCamImage Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As Sy… Source:

  5. Lorita Reply:

    ADD is the old name for ADHD. The term ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder, was used in the 1980’s. There were two types. ADD with hyperactivity which included problems with concentration, hyperactivity and behavior and then there was ADD with… Source:

  6. Eileen Reply:

    Could my son have autism? AD HD? ADD? My son just turned 4 years old, and he is very hard to explain. He does not speak in sentences, doesn’t ask questions, just now peeing in

  7. Angelyn Reply:

    hi there this is a very long and complicated illness and no school should just come out with that statement without expert knowledge! ADHD is a concentration problem in the whole, asbergers is a far more complex illness whereby she will excell in certain things at school but be usually reluctant to have the social basics that we can take for granted! This is a very complex question, not easy to answer but your local child psycologist should settle any questions you may have good luck xx

  8. Enriqueta Reply:

    Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder. ADD is a Are Classic autism and profound autism thie same thing? in a word- Yes profound autism is siply

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