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Is asperger’s syndrome a form of autism?

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  1. Ryann Reply:

    How to Diagnose Asperger's. Print this article. How to Diagnose Asperger' sthumbnail Asperger Syndrome is a form of autism. Flag this photo. Asperger Source:

  2. Kristian Reply:

    Signs and symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome include:Engaging in one-sided, long-winded conversations, without noticing if the MORE?

  3. Georgia Reply:

    It’s a spectrum of disorders. Every individual is on a slightly different place on the autism spectrum. There are many symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorders and every individual on the spectrum has some of them, but not all. Th… Source:

  4. Florinda Reply:

    Response: Researchers and mental health experts are still investigating the causes of autism and AS. Many believe that the pattern of behavior that characterizes AS may have many causes. There seems to be a hereditary component to AS, and r… Source:'s_Syndrome

  5. Jimmy Reply:

    Prior to approaching an Aspergers child, I strongly recommend speaking to the child’s main carer. Even in a two parent family , there will be one parent who ‘gets it’. Doing this can help you avoid any pitfalls that possibly spark an episod… Source:

  6. Suellen Reply:

    What can you tell me about Autism/Aspergers Syndrome? A few weeks ago a children with learning dissabilties told family friend is works with me and my husband she is concerner

  7. Ada Reply:

    Yes it is!It is not even necessarily the mildest form of autism, in every instance!What source says it is not?? Ive never encountered such an idea formally proposed!

  8. Jose Reply:

    Asperger syndrome (AS) is one of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or Of the other four ASD forms, autism is the most similar to AS in signs and likely

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