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What are signs of autism?

Social interactions and relationships! Symptoms may include: * Significant problems developing nonverbal communication skills!THX Any Suggestions here?

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  2. Laquanda Reply:

    How to Recognize Signs of Autism in Infants. It is important for parents to be aware of the first signs of autism in infants. Autism is a condition in which a person Source:

  3. Jolyn Reply:

    Signs of autism vary greatly but all people who suffer from autism have some core symptoms such as lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, its hard for them to understand somebody’s feeling, they are preoccupied with certain topics. For furt

  4. Ok Reply:

    As of 2010, the CDC has determined that approximately 1 in 110 American children has autism. That is nearly one percent of all children in the US. Recognizing the signs of autism early is very important because it is better to receive treat… Source:

  5. Shizue Reply:

    Autism is a psychological condition that causes impaired social functioning, limited speech and repetitive behavior. Here’s how to recognize the signs of autism. Please rate and comment on this article. Thanks! :) Source:

  6. Sung Reply:

    Some of the early signs of autism is poor eye contact. Another sign is that they do not respond to their name. Lose language or social skills. Autism is a brain disorder that affects the development of a child. Source:

  7. Dorla Reply:

    I know autism is typically shown Autism also first show its as a child but can signs in adulthood? It may sound stupid, but are there two types of autism, one that develops in

  8. Angle Reply:

    Autism doesnt cause hyperactivity, it is primarily a social disorder, causing the sufferer to lack a sense of proper conduct in social situations! It also causes obsessiveness and a desire to maintain a strict routine!In other words, it sounds like the first one has it, but not the others!

  9. Avril Reply:

    Autism – Symptoms. Delayed or unusual speech patterns (many autistic children, for example, memorize video scripts and repeat them word for word with the

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