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What are some symptoms of autism?

A majority of autistic people are either hyper or hypo sensitive to light, sound, crowds and other external stimulation! Sorry for any previous poor answers! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Minna Reply:

    What Are Some Autism Conditions & Symptoms?. The term "autism" describes a group of symptoms and developmental brain disorders commonly referred to as Source:

  2. Sylvie Reply:

    Some symptoms of autism are not have appropriate social relationships, a delay or lack of talking, rocking, hand flapping and a need for doing everything routine.

  3. Minna Reply:

    Autism symptoms vary widely between differing individuals and often change during the development of a child. While autism is believed to be present at birth, it can be difficult to identify autism symptoms before late in the second year wh… Source:

  4. Anissa Reply:

    Autism is a complex neurological and developmental disorder that leads to a variety of symptoms. Often enigmatic and misunderstood, autism is known to be a disorder centered around abnormalities in the brain, in either its operation or stru… Source:

  5. Elidia Reply:

    Having a child with autism is a difficult thing for any parent. However, there are many treatment options that can help autistic children develop their full potential. Early identification of the symptoms of autism is essential, because ear… Source:

  6. Rossana Reply:

    Does smoking marijuana during pregnancy cause autism or symptoms that mirror autism to the unborn child?

  7. Lashon Reply:

    This will explain ithttp://www!ncbi!nlm!nih!gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0002494/

  8. Nadine Reply:

    to 24 months. This is when the first symptoms of autism are most frequently noticed. Some early symptoms can be early speech, then not a word thereafter.

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