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What does autism do?

Autism affects social interactions & relationships, verbal & nonverbal communication, and limited interest in activity and play! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Angelita Reply:

    Helping an autistic child can be frustrating because they need continuous, intensive and multifaceted assistance. Autistic children in the 60 to 70 IQ range tend to Source:

  2. Johanne Reply:

    Autism is pretty common in children experts think that 3 to 6 children out of 1,000 have autism. If you feel your child may have autism he or she should be seen by a Pediatrician right away. Source:

  3. Isabel Reply:

    There are several symptoms of autism. If you think your child may have autism check out this web page for the symptoms… If you feel your child show signs of autism call your Pediatrician. Source:

  4. Magaret Reply:

    Autism is a developmental disorder that can range from mild to severe in children and adults. Characteristics are impaired social and communication skills. Source:

  5. Cindi Reply:

    is autism inherited? if one child is born with autism, will the next be likely to also have autism?

  6. Cordia Reply:

    My daughter was diagnosed with Autism last year at my Doctors request! From the point of our Doctor making the request to getting evaluated took us about six weeks! You should also try the local Child Find in your school district if you live in the USA! The evaluation itself takes anywhere from 2-6 hours to complete! Bring tissues because if they find that your child has Autism or something you will cry but remember it is not the end of the world!To find the local Child Find in your school district just Google:Child Find the name of your school district!You should get a referral from your Doctor! Your child does have to show signs of Autism though, there is no generic test!

  7. Ayako Reply:

    What can you do when you have autism? When you have Aspergers you are not stupid! People with autism have certain specific interests like art, history,

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