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What is aspergers syndrome?

Asperger(s) syndrome is a neurobiological disorder that is part of a group of conditions called autism spectrum disorders! ‘Autism spectrum’ refers to a range of developmental disabilities that include autism! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Francine Reply:

    How to Identify Asperger's Syndrome in Infants. Early detection of Asperger's Syndrome is difficult because children who have this disorder are high functioning. Source:

  2. Salina Reply:

    It is a very mild form of autism, where someone can function in society, but they don’t have a lot of social skills.

  3. Quyen Reply:

    Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder that is classified as part of the autism spectrum. Social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics is typical, as are impaired communication and social skills. There are mo… Source:

  4. Elsa Reply:

    The causes of Asperger Syndrome are unclear, but it is thought that genetics is involved. Another reason put forth by some groups is that compounds in some early childhood vaccines, may be a factor. To find more information click here: http… Source:

  5. Sherika Reply:

    Asperger syndrome is a condition that is related to autism. Aspergers manifest itself in unusual repetetive behaviors and inappropriate or lack of social skills. Individuals with this condition are often considering high functioning autisti… Source:

  6. Patience Reply:

    Do Autistic/Aspergers Syndrome organisations ever look to? I go around doing talks employ speakers with Aspergers syndrome about Aspergers Syndrome more on a part time basis.

  7. Grayce Reply:

    basically aspergers syndrome is a type of autism these articles all explain the differences between the twohttp://ezinearticles!com/??Understanding-The-Differences-Between-Aspergers-and-Autismid=666875http://www!wisegeek!com/what-is-the-difference-between-aspergers-and-autism!htmhttp://medicine!wisegeek!com/are-aspergers-and-autism-the-same-disorder!htmhttp://www!livestrong!com/article/87982-differences-between-autism-aspergers/http://www!autism-world!com/index!php/2008/07/10/the-difference-between-autism-and-aspergers-syndrome-2/http://www!disabledinfo!co!uk/dis/323-understanding-the-differences-between-aspergers-an!asp

  8. Lianne Reply:

    Asperger's syndrome n. A pervasive developmental disorder, usually of childhood, characterized by impairments in social interactions and repetitive.

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