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What is it called when someone can’t feel any emotions towards anything?

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  1. Maddie Reply:

    Being in love with somebody who doesn't love you can be a heartbreaking experience Accept the fact that he doesn't feel the same way about you. Don' t let this situation cause you to have bitter feelings toward finding someone who loves you If you don't have any hobbies there are plenty to choose from so it won't be Source:

  2. Margarete Reply:

    Jan 8, 2008 When I was in a psychology class I read about something called I have a little brother that cant feel anything let it be love, anger, . i have no emotion connected to negative NOR positive thoughts, and .. I don’t have the desire to hurt anyone, though I used to, I now have a high level of apathy towards

  3. Diedra Reply:

    closed off. if they don’t want to talk about their emotions it is a matter of image and self stability. no one know then it doesn’t exist. that sort of thing. Source:

  4. Krissy Reply:

    You are considered numb when you dont feel emotional pain. This means you are ignoring your emotions and not accepting them and dealing with them in a healthy manner. So basically you become numb to all emotions since you can not allow your… Source:

  5. Myung Reply:

    When i take the hydrocodone 7 agian. i feel emotions. help please.? i had a tooth pulled.5 i was perscribed, it makes me feel happy and was perscribed hydrocodone 7.5. i have

  6. Hermelinda Reply:

    Should you have an aura then it shall know itself what to do!

  7. Felica Reply:

    There can be a vast number of reasons why one can't feel emotions. can be factors that hinders an otherwise mental healthy person from feeling emotions towards oneself and/or others. What do you do when cannot feel any emotions ?

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