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What is the life expectancy of a person with Autism?

They have normal life expectancy! Thanks come again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dona Reply:

    The good news about autism is that it is not believed to affect life expectancy. Before a person with autism can have her individual needs addressed, like Source:

  2. Kassandra Reply:

    Individuals with autism are generally expected to live just as long as those who have not been diagnosed with the disorder.

  3. Letisha Reply:

    Well my friend Lexie has Hemophilia and the doctors predict that if she stays on her medication she will live a forever. But some hemophilia sufferers are not so lucky,so get to a doc to check it out so you know if you will be superhuman, l… Source:

  4. Kattie Reply:

    he/she could live about as long as a regular person. Being autistic doesn’t mean they are different from everyone else Source:

  5. Diane Reply:

    The life expectancy of a person with autism is the same as you and i . Source:

  6. Elvie Reply:

    What is the life expectancy for for a very high-functioning autistic be? Does anyone know if autistics people with autism? What would the life expectancy, or even those with D

  7. Maricruz Reply:

    Heres my input, being someone on the spectrum, with other family members on the spectrum:An autistic individual has a shortened life expectancy in the presence of those attempting to cure them because the cures are often far more likely to cause harm than good, up to and including immediate physical death and down to causing loss of self-esteem, as some autistics actually are killed in the process of attempted cures via medical drug interventions or abusive therapies and rituals meant to chase off evil spirits! That, and there are a lot of bullies that shorten our life expectancy that have no interest in helping us, but only in using and abusing us for sport!Left alone, theres no biological reason for a shortened life expectancy other than good old-fashioned mistakes that will kill anyone!While there are a lot of commonly associated maladies that seem to be more noticed amongst autistics than the general population otherwise, the one consistent difference is that the neurology is different and that affects how everything is processed! Look up Sensory overload stimming and inertia on the site listed below to learn more from an autistics experience as to what that translates to, as its more approachable and also not couched in degrading medical terminology that sees it all as being disordered, because a cats neurology when compared to a dogs neurology would be considered disordered if you were expecting the cat to be a dog!

  8. Ewa Reply:

    Autism does not directly affect the life expectancy of a person with autism. That person can have a normal lifespan. However, autism can increase the chances of

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