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What is the most likely cause of autism?

Most experts will say that autism is probably caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ryan Reply:

    Autism does not in and of itself cause harm to the person who has it. PDD-NOS and High Function Autism are the most common types or degrees of autism. Source:

  2. Nickie Reply:

    Aug 11, 2006 What causes autism? Recent research and more. As scientists build consensus, they are closing in on possible causes and cures for autism.

  3. Kourtney Reply:

    The cause of Autism is still unknown. However, there is a strong belief that there is a genetic predisposition when a family member is autistic. Beyond that factor, the cause of autism is a topic of great debate and vast differences of opin… Source:

  4. Julie Reply:

    Response: Some children with autism have sensory integration issues resulting in an inability to tolerate not only chips but most crispy, crunchy foods (crackers, popcorn, pretzels etc.) Others dislike foods that are salty. Some people with… Source:

  5. Tyra Reply:

    You don’t GET autism. You will have had it all your life but your actual diagnosis depends on when you or people notice and go and get a diagnosis. Hope this helped! Source:

  6. Rosalina Reply:

    is autism inherited? if one child is born with autism, will the next be likely to also have autism?

  7. Ollie Reply:

    It would take a Masters Degree in Psychology or a full-fledged psychiatrist which is a doctor plus!

  8. Natacha Reply:

    Though autism's genetic factors explain most of autism risk, they do not explain all of it. A common hypothesis is that autism is caused by the interaction of a

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