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What kind of treatments do they use for autism?

Most families use one type of intensive intervention that best meets the needs of their child and their parenting style! The intensive interventions described here require multiple hours per week of therapy and address behavioral, developmental, and/or educational goals! They are developed specifically to treat autism! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elvera Reply:

    Reiki can benefit all kinds of people, regardless of how severe their physical or A Reiki treatment is well-suited to helping autistic children, due to its use of soft Source:

  2. Yessenia Reply:

    Who Can Benefit from ABA? They are used to develop basic skills like looking, listening and imitating, as well as complex These studies showed that many children with autism who received 1-3 years of this type of treatment had large

  3. Kaye Reply:

    Act quickly. Work with your child’s pediatrician to uncover the resources that are immediately available to you. Depending on the state, county and school district you live in, there may be different programs available to you for free. Thes… Source:

  4. Vivan Reply:

    There is no cure for autism, and many treatments are considered experimental. Current treatments address behavioral, nutritional and medical needs, and all have detractors and proponents. Autism treatments range from detoxification diets an… Source:

  5. Jerrie Reply:

    ABA – Applied Behavioral Analysis. Based off of B.F.Skinner’s theories in the 1930’s. Accepted as an empirically validated treatment for Autism. Uses positive reinforcement. Positives: structured and intense program. backed by empirical evi… Source:

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  7. Muoi Reply:

    Nothing works for everyone! But I have Aspergers, and CBT has worked very well for me! CBT is especially useful for anxiety and depression, which are common among people with Aspergers! Occupational therapy and social skills training can also be helpful to autistic people, particularly children! There are medications that can decrease certain symptoms like anxiety and repetitive behavior! But if by treatment you mean eradicate all the symptoms, that isnt possible! We can learn how to cope in a neurotypical world, but we cant change our neurological hardwiring!

  8. Chasity Reply:

    Many medications are used to treat problems associated with ASD. Even if they do not help, conservative treatments such as changes in diet are expected to .. receive standard community interventions, making it the largest study of its kind.

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